Jordan Teear

Jordan is one of the resident tattooers at Frith Street Tattoo.
He’s been with us since 2010.

In this clip Jordan talk about his role in the Frith Street family, how the people he works with influence his work ethic, his future at Frith Street and he shares a story about the first time he came to the shop and got tattooed.

I interviewed Jordan last August, in his home shortly after he returned from his ill-fated road-trip across the USA.
This is one of the first interviews I did. As a result, the lens I used on the wide shot proved that it wasn’t up to the task of shooting moving people in dimly lit rooms. For the next interview (Lee M. Knight) I used a higher quality lens that’s excellent in lower lighting conditions. I won’t be able to use the wide shots in the finished film as a result.

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