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Part Three: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made an update to this blog and I hope you’re waiting for Part Three of this series.

Since late August this whole project has been on hold because Valerie Vargas and I opened our own Tattoo Studio! It was a long time in the making and we left Frith Street on 100% friendly terms. Dante even visited our new shop on the first day we opened!

We completed the legal side and received the keys at the end of August and it took until the beginning of November to get the space ready and get the building and individual artist licences in place. This meant that I had zero time to dedicate to this project. our website is:

So today, December 10th, is my first day off – I made headway finalising Part Three. It’s a little longer than the first two parts, so I split it into 4 sections of between 12-20 mins in length (just for editing – the finished episode will be just short of and hour in length).

I almost completed the first 11.5 minute section. I just need to finalise the music score. I have a few great new tracks from Hivver but I want to flesh it out and enhance the mood a little with extra sound. This always takes me a little while as I’m not an accomplished musician by any means.

Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Part Two – The World is Watching

I finished Part Two – The World is Watching last week.

This player automatically displays the trailer but you can rent or buy it straight away. Thanks again for all the support.

(2 of 4) Part Two – The World is Watching from Copperhead Editions on Vimeo.

I set up a page at Vimeo On Demand where I can add new parts as they are released.

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NTSC DVDs are finally available

Finally, I’ve converted Part One of FST: On The Shoulders of Giants to NTSC format so that North American, Canadian, Japanese &  South American viewers can watch the DVD on their TVs.

If you’re unsure what all the NTSC/PAL fuss is about, check this simple reference chart.

It’s now available to buy on the Copperhead Editions web store.

Also you can stream a HD version without bonus features.

Part One: A Film for All and None is Finished!

That’s right, finally finished.

I’ve been slack posting the news here but Valerie updated the site with a pre-order page for the DVD.

Why have I been slack? Well, I was working on finding a streaming provider that worked without having to force people to sign up to a service they will never use and who will constantly send nagging promotional emails. I looked at Amazon, Vimeo, iTunes and a host of smaller distributers but the one that came closest to my goal was Distrify. You don’t need to sign up, you can pay by card or PayPal directly from the player, they don’t take weeks to approve or encode my film, they don’t take an unreasonable percentage from the cost of the sale or require a fee to use their service, I can embed the player in any website I choose and the final cherry on the cake is I can set the cost low. £3.49 (and equivalent in other currencies) is the lowest the service allows. So that’s how much it costs to stream.

I decided to use the Copperhead Editions website Valerie and I set up last year to sell prints and artwork. After the 17th February 2014 you will be able to watch the film here.

The same week I found Distrify, I found a local-ish DVD duplication service with an insanely quick turnaround time. So I set to work figuring out how to encode a DVD with real menus, bonus footage etc. I used Adobe Encore to create the menus because I didn’t want generic looking screens that looked like it came straight from iMovie/iDVD.
I originally planned to set up the DVD when all parts of the film were finished and released but after speaking with a few people who wanted to watch the film but lived in areas with poor broadband connections or who travelled a lot, I decided to look into small-run replication and it was more affordable and less difficult to create that I previously thought.

A note regarding cost:
I’ve tried to make this film as affordable as possible and try to give you value for money. I know £15 seems expensive for a 40minute film when you can regularly buy feature films for a third of that. I don’t have the financial backing of the hollywood system and this project was entirely funded from my own savings. Kinda like a time-consuming hobby. I know I will never come close to breaking even. That was never my goal. I’ve worked on this project for 2 years now. It really was a labour of love in the truest sense.

For the DVD package to pay for itself, including flyers, stickers and physical production (the DVD, case, inlay and booklet) I need to sell at least half of the batch I order from the replication company. My first order was 100 copies. Many of them will be given to people who helped me or are featured in the film. We also don’t get paid to package orders and take them to the post office. That’s just the physical product.

Let’s not talk about the equipment, software and hours of work that was necessary to make this thing happen.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. So far the response from my peers has ben incredible. I’m happy that the things I thought were important have been recognised by those who’ve already seen it.

Hey, where’s the film?

Originally my plan was to have this project finished by “late 2013”.
I stayed on track with that deadline until I spoke with Woody, the organiser of the Brighton Tattoo Convention at the London Tattoo Convention in September. He let me know he was interested in showing this film at his convention. I didn’t think that showing a film that was already available online was an appealing prospect so I suggested that the first showing would be at the Brighton convention 2014.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed at the end of Steve Byrne’s clip the text “coming early 2014”

So that’s where the film is.

I took the opportunity to use the extra time to finesse the transitions between scenes and interviews and dig deep into my archive of photos to find interesting images to use to support the themes and subjects the interviewees talk about.

To make editing simpler and to reduce the load on my computers processor and hard drive, I split Part One into three 10-15 minute sections. This is a timeline screenshot of the first eleven and a half minutes.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 18.31.04

The editing is going well and I’ve been lucky enough to have music by one of my favourite ambient/soundscape/whatever artists: Hivver. Joe Quimby was kind enough to let me use some of his music in this project and I think it fits perfectly along with some pieces written specifically for the scenes. You can check out some of his music here:

I’m also working on a title sequence that I can use for each section. I’ll post that when It’s ready, or almost ready.

Sorry about the wait but I’m excited to let you all see the finished thing.

Stay tuned.

Steve Byrne

If I’d never met Steve Byrne, I’m not sure my tattooing would look the way it does today, if I’d be tattooing at all.

Steve was my introduction to the world of tattooers who care about the way their tattoos look. The tattooers who care about the history and the future of tattooing. Steve also was responsible for introducing me to tattooers who would later work at Frith Street and become colleagues and friends. Steve put my name forward when Dante wanted a new tattooer at Frith Street in 2007.

Without Steve I wouldn’t be working at Frith Street. I owe a lot to this man. Because we are both Northern Englishmen, we’re uncomfortable with sharing emotions but he knows that I’m grateful and I’m sure he knows that I’ll always have affection for him and his tattooing.

I managed to catch a few minutes with him in his hotel room after the amazing Bay Area Tattoo Convention, at SFO in October 2013.
In this clip he shares some of his early memories of Frith Street Tattoo, talks about FST’s position in the world of tattooing, the efforts and rewards within tattooing and a message for the crew and Dante.

Thanks Steve.

You can see some of Steve’s work here: