Frank Carter

Before he was known as a frontman in a British band, before NME named him 2007’s “coolest man in rock ‘n’ roll” Frank worked at Frith Street Tattoo. He still does when he’s not touring.
He’s one of my favourite younger tattooers (although he started tattooing around the same time as me) and he’s one of the few people to start mopping floors and cleaning toilets then work his way to being an in-demand tattooer at Frith Street Tattoo.

I’m stoked that I got to interview Frank. Mostly because he’s been a semi-regular fixture at Frith Street but also because unlike many of the people I’ve interviewed and plan to interview for this project, he’s comfortable in front of the camera and is a great raconteur.
It’s a pleasure to have him be part of this project.

Follow his musical, painterly and tattoo adventures here:

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