Alex Reinke

On the 2nd of January I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Reinke aka Horikitsune.
It’s the longest interview yet – we talked for almost two and a half hours at his private studio in London.
A conversation with Alex is always interesting and at times I was reluctant to steer the discussion back into areas relevant for this project.

Alex Reinke is a good friend of ours. He worked full-time at Frith Street Tattoo between 2008 and 2010 but he’s been visiting since 2004. His influence is still felt with the people who worked with him and it’s certainly noticeable within my tattoo work. It’s an honour to have him be part of this project, partly because of his openness and humility but mostly for his unique perspective and position within the lineage of modern tattooing – which is a theme at the heart of this project.

In this short clip he talks about relationships within tattooing, why he no longer works at Frith Street Tattoo and how he feels about the shop now he works privately.

Thank you for reading and watching.
Thank you to Alex for your hospitality and openness.


  1. Our Endless Days

    Enjoyed this. Alex Reinke seems like such a humble guy. I got that same vibe in the interview he did at the London convention for TAM.

    At any rate, these interview clips are great. Keep it up.

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