Will and Scott

Will and Scott have been getting tattooed at Frith Street for around 4 or 5 years.
They are part of a group of friends who all have serious work from various tattooers at or associated with, Frith Street.
Scott and Will were in town for tattoo sessions with Valerie to continue ongoing work so I took the opportunity to interview them both together.

In this clip Will & Scott talk about why they get tattooed at Frith Street, how we’ve introduced them to a wider range of tattooers and the community aspect of getting tattooed.
Then they show and talk about the tattoos they have.

I took these pictures at the London Tattoo Convention in September 2012. A few of the guys with backpieces are missing from the photo and the ones who just have sleeves are out of frame too.
willandscott_blogpost20131 willandscott_blogpost20132
L-R, Tattoos by: Valerie Vargas, Stefano C, Valerie Vargas & Stewart Robson.

One of their friends has a great “Rock of Ages” backpiece from Jordan Teear but he wasn’t at the convention that day.
Thanks Guys.


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