Hey, where’s the film?

Originally my plan was to have this project finished by “late 2013”.
I stayed on track with that deadline until I spoke with Woody, the organiser of the Brighton Tattoo Convention at the London Tattoo Convention in September. He let me know he was interested in showing this film at his convention. I didn’t think that showing a film that was already available online was an appealing prospect so I suggested that the first showing would be at the Brighton convention 2014.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed at the end of Steve Byrne’s clip the text “coming early 2014”

So that’s where the film is.

I took the opportunity to use the extra time to finesse the transitions between scenes and interviews and dig deep into my archive of photos to find interesting images to use to support the themes and subjects the interviewees talk about.

To make editing simpler and to reduce the load on my computers processor and hard drive, I split Part One into three 10-15 minute sections. This is a timeline screenshot of the first eleven and a half minutes.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 18.31.04

The editing is going well and I’ve been lucky enough to have music by one of my favourite ambient/soundscape/whatever artists: Hivver. Joe Quimby was kind enough to let me use some of his music in this project and I think it fits perfectly along with some pieces written specifically for the scenes. You can check out some of his music here: hivver.bandcamp.com

I’m also working on a title sequence that I can use for each section. I’ll post that when It’s ready, or almost ready.

Sorry about the wait but I’m excited to let you all see the finished thing.

Stay tuned.

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