FST: Transcripts on the shoulders of giants

Yawn, more posts about transcriptions? where are all the videos?

Well, the sad truth is that I’m at a stage of production where that’s what’s happening and there’s not much to show for the work I’m doing. Danny is working on the transcripts as I film new interviews. I can’t do new interviews as often as I’d like because I have to work around everybody else’s schedule. Frith Street Tattoo is still running as usual and I can’t conduct interviews in a noisy tattoo shop. I have to do interviews after work or during tattooer’s days off. To add to the difficulty, there’s been a few conventions recently where nobody has the time to get interviewed because they are preparing for, or traveling to to conventions. I’m also preparing for upcoming conventions.

Whining aside, I’m still enjoying myself and within my very loose schedule and I still expect to have this film finished late this year.

Transcripts of Giants_CoverWhile I don’t plan to sell this film or charge people to view it, (I’ll dedicate a post to the reasons for that at a later date) there’s a strong chance that I’ll offer things for sale that have things to do with the film: T-shirts, stickers, drawings, tattoo flash etc. Some other things I’d like to share and offer for sale would be:

  • A photo book including work produced at Frith Street with other behind-the-scenes type shots. I’d like this book to also include some of the planning notes I’ve made during the production.
  • A book of the edited interviews that will be used in the film.

In preparation for the kind of organisation those things require, I put together a book of the interviews I have so far. This book is around 170 pages. I expect the finished one to be around 250 to 350 pages if I include a few images.TranscriptUN_mockup02b I used the publishing service at lulu.com. I just ordered two copies on Feb 13th, one for me and one for Danny Woodruff. These particular ones won’t be available to anyone else because they are totally unedited, often difficult to read and possibly libellous in places. I will produce a real one, with every interview when the film is finished. At the time of writing the books hadn’t arrived so I made a few mock-ups, as you can see in this post.TranscriptUN_mockup03

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