Part Two – The World is Watching

I finished Part Two – The World is Watching last week.

This player automatically displays the trailer but you can rent or buy it straight away. Thanks again for all the support.

(2 of 4) Part Two – The World is Watching from Copperhead Editions on Vimeo.

I set up a page at Vimeo On Demand where I can add new parts as they are released.

I moved the series over to because the original service I used became increasingly amateurish and was unable to accept my payments via debit card or PayPal and were unwilling to fix the problem. So now you do need to sign up to vimeo before you can rent or buy the film but they won’t spam you or pester you if you don’t want them to. It’s a small inconvenience for an easy to use service with a great player, I think. There’s also other great independent documentaries and films available at Vimeo OnDemand.

The DVD for Part Two is going to be a little while longer. Sorry.
I’ve decided to focus my attention on editing and completing Part Three. Then Two and Three will be on the DVD together with extra stuff if there’s room. This will make our postage and shipping operation much simpler. Thank you for your patience.

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